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Eye Buy Direct - quality discount eyeglasses
"EyeBuyDirect.com is revolutionizing the eyewear market; we provide high quality prescription eyeglasses for a fraction of traditional prices, and are converting thousands to become online shoppers every month. EyeBuyDirect's unique business model enables us to provide our customers with high quality prescription eyeglasses, personally tailored for each customer, at the most affordable prices, with prompt delivery and outstanding personal service.

Today, the traditional eyewear market retailers price vision correction as a luxury. These old fashioned businesses have to pay huge overheads. We don’t. By use of the internet, our vision and creativity, EyeBuyDirect is able to provide high quality eyeglasses at prices starting at $7.95, lenses included. We've cooperated with top eyewear manufacturers and opticians in the industry, to design the most cost effective quality eyeglasses manufacturing process. This enables us to provide eyeglasses with the highest standard and quality, at revolutionary prices."
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