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Streamload Media Max - online media center
"The world's largest online media center. Streamload MediaMax is one central place to store, organize, access, and share files, including videos, photos, music, presentations, documents, and more.

Streamload MediaMax comes with 25 GBs of free online storage. It is the easiest and most secure way to organize, store, and access files anytime and anywhere. Better yet, the sharing of large files is a snap with Streamload MediaMax. It's simple to send full-quality photos or HD-quality video to anyone, anytime.

Streamload MediaMax features VideoShare, the first full-quality video sharing service of its kind. It enables users to create video albums, preview their videos via automatically created thumbnails, and share full-quality video files (including high-definition video) as easily as they send email.

For the first time, people have the freedom and tools to share their home videos and photos in full-quality original formats and also securely access their music, TV shows and movie recordings remotely via an Internet-connected TV, PC, or Personal Media Center device."
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