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Real Networks - RealPlayer, RadioPass, SuperPass and RealArcade GamePass
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"RealNetworks is the leading creator of digital media services and software, including RealPlayer, RadioPass, SuperPass and RealArcade GamePass.

MUSIC - RealMusic

RealMusic RealMusic is our online music subscription service, offering you access to high quality, ad free music. Great features include over 300+ ad free music stations, of which 150 are inspired by your favourite artists including The Beatles, Robbie Williams & U2. Unlimited access to a library of 3500+ music videos is available and the latest ringtones can be downloaded straight to your phone. All kinds of music are available and our advanced search features over 3000 radio stations from around the world. Anyone subscribing can get a free 14 day trial of the service. The monthly subscription fee is just £8.50.

VIDEO - Real SuperPass

SuperPass gives you access to a wide range of premium video content from around the web, including tv shows from Channel4, music videos from MTV and Vidzone as well as the latest movie trailers and wacky video clips from Ifilm. Anyone subscribing can get a free 14 day trial of the service. The monthly subscription fee is just £11.99.

GAMES - RealArcade GamePass

RealArcade GamePass is a casual monthly game subscription service that offers consumers a fun, unique and compelling way to discover, acquire and play PC games. Members of GamePass pay a low monthly fee of only £5.95 and are entitled to choose and own any one of our great full version games (up to a £12.99 value) each month. In addition members also receive £3.00 off all other game purchases. Users who subscribe to GamePass this month will get their first month subscription for free.


RealArcade offers consumers a fun, unique and compelling way to discover, acquire and play PC games — bringing together a wide array of games and services in a single, easy to use environment. RealArcade provides play-before-you-pay access to the more than 250 downloadable games (titles such as Super Collapse II, Diamond Mine, and Red Ace Squadron) Play a FREE demo of your favourite game or buy a full game’s version for as little as £6.99. New games are launched every week and subscribers to RealArcade GamePass can get a FREE game title of their choice every month.

Integrated game manuals, message boards and user ratings enable RealArcade users to play their games with greater ease and knowledge. RealArcade also recognizes and manages retail CD titles and top shareware games, giving users a one-stop destination for games on their PC. Features such as download and installation management, automatic check of system requirements and integrated e-commerce make acquiring and playing games a fun, easy and reliable experience for consumers.


PlayerPlus is one of the best video and audio players around. Not only is it easy to use and can play back any format, it also has many additional features such as advanced CD burning, graphic equaliser and cross-fade functionality. It even allows you to record your vinyl records onto your pc. PlayerPlus is available as a simple download for a one off charge of only £19.99."
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