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A Letter From Santa Claus
"A Letter From Santa is operated by an Anglo-American company established since 1998. Although operating under the universal banner of Santa-Claus.com, logistics are directed through local HQs. For the UK, Father Christmas Ltd operates Santa.co.uk from Cambridge based offices while Santa Claus, Inc operates SantaClaus.us from Nevada. Both companies offer the same innovative products that have set the standards in "communications from Santa".

"A Letter from Santa" and "A Letter from Santa Special" retail from £4.99 or $7.95 to £14.99 or $29.95. Both high volume items come with up to 12 personal references and a Christmas Eve bedroom door hanger, whilst the Special also comes with a cute Teddy Bear and chocolates. The envelopes arrive with a "Mailed from the North Pole" motif for that extra Santa believability and at parental discretion, Santa will even include a unique password to his Top Secret website. To compliment these wonderful products we can also provide Santa Phone Calls."
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