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Hydroderm Free Trial
Hydroderm is the only product clinically proven to deliver collagen directly to the skin, without painful injections.

"Because of the Hollywood hype of Botox®*, consumers are failing to realize the adverse effects of Botox®*. Bleeding, bruising and infection are just a few risks of injected Botox®* treatments. With HydrodermT, you apply the liquid with your fingertips and see the results - younger-looking, smoother skin with less fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydroderm consists of marine collagen and Vyo-Serum. Thanks to this formula and our patent pending collagen infusion technology, Hydroderm has created a new cosmetic delivery system. As a result, Hydroderm stands apart from all other collagen-based products available on the market. How does the technology work?

*Collagen is a protein with a high molecular weight, making it a difficult substance to deliver to the skin. Hydroderm is the only product clinically proven to deliver collagen directly to the skin, without painful injections.

*The rest of the molecules remain in the upper skin layer (epidermis), where they slow down the loss of skin moisture.

What we call the Collagen Infusion Delivery SystemT is a patent pending, liquid-based solution that will allow the ingredients to be transferred directly to the human skin. The results will amaze you."
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