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"Hot Topic is a mall-based chain of over 600 retail stores in the U.S. We specialize in music-inspired fashion clothing and accessories, band merchandise, gifts, and music for teenagers and young adults. Walk into our brick & mortar stores and the first thing you'll feel is energy. Energy from the music, energy from the merchandise, energy from the people. All of this is what makes Hot Topic different. Our online store allows customers to have the Hot Topic experience from the comfort of their own home. Our merchandise reflects a variety of music-related lifestyles, which include street wear, retro-influenced lounge, punk, club, and gothic. Add to that the wide selection of rockin' baby clothes, sassy pet gear, unique gifts and unusual accessories and you have it: Hottopic.com is like no other store on the web! In addition to our selection of rock fashion, we have tons of licensed items available only at Hot Topic! We have band merchandise from Jimi Hendrix to Green Day to Slipknot, and movie merchandise from Nightmare Before Christmas to Nightmare On Elm Street."
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