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"Experience a wide variety of bed, bath, decor, housewares and more from BedBathStore.com! We have the largest selection of bedding and bath amenities on the web, and with over 40 years of industry knowledge, BedBathStore.com offers incomparable promotions on Croscill bedding and curtains with discounts of up to 45% on many ensembles by top brands like Veratex and Thomasville. We offer an enormous variety of duvet covers, curtains, bath accessories, bedding ensembles, kids bedding, mattress covers, tablecloths, futon covers, shower curtains, iron and wood beds, area rugs, comforter sets, and much more - all from leading manufacturers. At BedBathStore.com, our customers can create a decadent living space with vibrant colors, introduce a peaceful ambiance with a delicate palette, or surround themselves in beauty and elegance with a selection of decor styles ranging from floral and striped to Asian and modern. Bath accessories in stainless steel, ceramic, resin, lucite, and faux leather offer that finishing touch to their favorite style. BedBathStore.com provides the lifestyle our customers want at a price they can afford."
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