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"Tool King is one of America's largest and most trusted tool distributors since 1978. We have been recognized as an Inc 500 Company for three successive years and a top e-commerce site by Internet Retailer. Since 1978, Tool King has made a name for itself by offering competitive pricing on tools and machinery, while providing a better level of service than the competition. Launched in 2001, ToolKing.com continues to offers these advantages worldwide, and provides innovative features that help customers choose the best product for their needs, and get more use out of their tools.

We offer the best prices on name brand Power Tools, Cordless Tools, Air Tools, Automotive Tools, Hand Tools, Power Cords, Storage Chests, Gardening Tools, and Woodworking Tools. Tool King.com is consistently ranked among top 10 shopping sites by leading Internet tracking companies. Our customer base continues to grow, and our website traffic keeps expanding, all fueled by expanded product offerings at great prices. Tool King is one of the fastest growing Internet retailers."
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