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Mighty Leaf Tea - artisan blended teas
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"Over 3,000 customers on our website rave that Mighty Leaf crafts the most flavorful and delicious artisan blended teas. Dedicated to infusing life into an ancient art, Mighty Leaf has created the award winning silken and biodegradable Tea Pouch™ appreciated by tea lovers everywhere. Filled with the world’s finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags, our Tea Pouch™ appeals to our consumers looking for a extraordinary gourmet tea experience - one rivaling their introduction to gourmet coffee.

Our teas are found in retail stores (Whole Foods, Nordstrom etc.), cafes and restaurants and luxury hotel and spas nationwide. As winner of awards including Specialty Coffee Association’s "Best New Packaging" for tea pouches and Cooks Illustrated" best plain black tea, Mighty Leaf delivers the ultimate in innovation and quality. Tea connoisseurs can choose from a wide selection of the highest quality tea pouches, loose tea, iced tea, teaware and unique tea gifts. We also offer tea mixers, wellness blends and pampering spa products."
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