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Xoom - international money transfers
"Xoom (pronounced zoom) is one of the only companies committed to developing a global online-to-offline money transfer network. Xoom enables its customers to leverage the power of the internet to send money 24/7 to countries around the globe. Long gone are the days when senders need to spend time driving to and waiting in line at an old-fashioned money transfer location.

Xoom’s innovations to the traditional money transfer industry speak for themselves:

• Low fees – Xoom is up to 80% cheaper than Western Union and MoneyGram’s online services

• Convenience – Senders can now transfer money anywhere and anytime they are online

• Reliability – Xoom offers our customers’ a 100% satisfaction guarantee

• Flexibility – Unlike with traditional money transfer companies, Xoom offers direct deposit to a bank account, cash pick up, secure debit cards, or home delivery."
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