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Home Gain Real Estate
"The one-stop-shop for Real Estate. HomeGain is the second largest real estate destination online, offering nationwide coverage for all products. HomeGain is about saving home buyers and sellers time, money, and frustration. Our resources offer consumers complete control, with no obligation and they're free!

HomeGain offers products that help consumers find and compare REALTORS®, find the value of their home, search homes for sale, receive mortgage quotes, moving quotes and more.

Find and Compare REALTORS®: Home buyers & sellers can submit a profile and receive competitive proposals from qualified real estate agents who know their neighborhoods. There is no fee or obligation to the consumer to use the service.

Free Home Valuation: This 60 second form is for home owners/sellers who want to research historical home price information and look at comparable properties in their area to determine what their home may be worth."
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