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San Francisco Music Box
collectibles & memorabilia
"San Francisco Music Box’s on-line retailer, SFMusicBox.com, features a wide selection of musical gifts, sentiments and gift items. Heirloom sentimental collections include pieces created by popular artists such as Thomas Kinkade and Lena Liu as well as Sorrento Inlaid Wood Jewelry Boxes imported from Italy. Our site also features some of the most popular collectible gift lines from, The Phantom of the Opera, Gone with the Wind, and Cecily Mary Barker Flower Fairies.

Our musical figurines, waterglobes, jewelry boxes, and treasured gifts are for any occasion and the San Francisco Music Box company has become a leader in providing specialized service, exceptional product quality, and cherished gifts for family, friends and collectors alike.

Please note, items from SFMusicBox.com can only be shipped within the United States. International shipping coming soon."
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