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Q-Ray Ionized Bracelets
"Q-Ray® Ionized bracelets are the only bracelets in the world manufactured with our exclusive Ionization™ process. This protected process is what separates Q-Ray from all other bracelets and makes them known as the Serious Performance Bracelet®.

Based on ancient oriental theories of balancing negative and positive energies, Q-Ray products are designed to maximize the body's bio-energy to improve performance and provide an overall state of well-being. Customers around the world have experienced more active, energetic lifestyles.

Q-Ray's are constantly seen on the golf course, tennis court, track, or anywhere top athletes need an edge. In fact, they've been worn by world-class athletes since 1996. Q-Rays are worn by more than 1 million people worldwide and are the original ionized bracelets, often imitated but never duplicated."
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