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Hallelujah Acres - plant-based diet & supplements
Hallelujah Diet is a clean-food, plant-based diet – for people who are interested in preventive health care and making dietary changes to improve their health.

We are an online purveyor of the most effective and scientifically tested natural supplements, juices, protein bars, recipes, and books. Hallelujah Diet premium high quality products include BarleyMax organic essential protein, organic advanced superfood products, carrot-juice max, BeetMax and TrioMax juices, supplements, joint health, professional probiotics, bio curcumin, serrapeptase, vitamin D3+K2, vitamin B12+B6 folate, nascent iodine, intestinal balance, hydroboost balance, women's, oral health, children, probiotics, organic protein bars, and luminology women menopause products.

We also offer our signature hallelujah diet get started kits: weight loss, builds immune system, boosts energy, anti-aging, and prevents disease. We offer other products from our industry’s finest suppliers. All products are stocked in our temperature-controlled warehouse so that orders can be shipped promptly. Our supplements contain living enzymes USDA-organic, 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-GMOand kosher ingredients. Our website offer over a 1000 delicious plant-based recipes and testimonials, our health & wellness plant-based supplements and foods, organic and raw living products, fitness, vegetarian, clean-food, juicing, and recipe topics.
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