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Simply Youth Ministry
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"The founder of Simply Youth Ministry, Doug Fields has been in youth ministry for over 25 years and has written more than 40 books including, "Purpose Driven Yourh Ministry" and "Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry". He is the currently the Pastor to students at Saddleback Church in Southern California. Doug started Simply Youth Ministry because he loves to equip youth workers with tools that will help to simply their ministry and save them time. Working tirelessly, Doug and his team at SYM will stop at nothing to get quality youth ministry resources in your hands.

Our Products

We know how important it is to you to find resources that are helpful. That is why the resources we create are ready to use, editable and reproducible right out of the box. Its our hope that it will save you time and simplify your ministry. There's something for everyone - small group curriculum, leadership training tools and media resources. Our top selling products includes:

One Minute Bible 4 Students

366 Student Devotions For Daily Living

Life Together Small Group Curriculum

Small Group Sessions developed to take your students deeper

SnapShot V.4

An easy-to-use custom interactive website & CD-ROM builder

HABITS Super-Series

Discipleship tools to help students cultivate spiritual growth"
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