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Snappy Multimedia video streaming system
"Snappy Multimedia, the ecommerce division of Monsoon Multimedia, Inc., is currently marketing three versions of HAVA, a pc peripheral device which allows user to stream video content to a pc laptop, desktop or hand-held device. Unit prices: HAVA Wireless HD: $249.00; HAVA Pro HD: $199.00 and HAVA Gold HD: $129.00. A $50 off coupon currently applies to both the HAVA Wireless and HAVA Pro products.

CNET has given HAVA a 7.0 rating (very good).

This product is similar to Sling Box, distinguishable by the following features: 1. Wireless connection to router; 2. MCE compatibility; 3. Multicasting capabilities; 4. Simultaneous remote and local viewing; 5. Can be used as an access point; 6. Wireless connection for remote viewing; 7. Pause, rewind, fast forward controls; 8. recording capabilities; 9. Record and Burn to DVD; 10. Video Formats in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 as opposed to Slingbox in WM9; 11. Composite, S-Video, Coaxial/RF, Component video sources; 12. HD Component; 13. Video resolutions 720i, 720p, 1080i (downscaled to D1), as opposed to Slingbox up to 640 x 480, full resolution)."
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