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AccountNow Vantage Debit MasterCard

Unlike credit card issuers, we offer our applicants 100% GUARANTEED APPROVAL! With no credit or ChexSystems® checks, we approve virtually all applicants (applicants are subject to a real-time I.D. verification in accordance to the U.S. Patriot Act).

The AccountNow Vantage Account is offered to the 40+ million U.S. consumers who do not have established credit or traditional banking relationships.

Our money saving offers give consumers an alternative to "traditional" checking accounts and access to the financial and payment systems, including:

- Debit MasterCard

- FREE Paycheck Direct Deposit

- FREE Online Bill Pay & Online Check Writing

- Low Cost Money Transfer Service

- FDIC Insured Deposits

With an AccountNow Vantage account, our customers save on the average $400 per year when no longer forced to visit expensive Check Cashing stores to get access to their paychecks, buy Money Orders to pay their bills, or wire money oversees.

The AccountNow Vantage Debit MasterCard is the perfect alternative to a checking account!"
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