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F-Secure US
"F-Secure provides security products to protect computers and networks. Today a huge amount of computers around the world are still unprotected against threats spreading through the Internet.

Like any responsible parent, you want your family to enjoy life while keeping them safe from harm. So when they're exploring the fascinating, instructive world of the Internet, ask yourself about the risks involved and how you can best avoid them by using effective parental control and security software - plus plain common sense.

Protect your children - Nothing can be more important than safeguarding your loved ones, so they can enjoy the Internet in safety. F-Secure Internet Security 2007 provides the round-the-clock protection and control you need for total peace of mind.

Am I in control? What level of Internet access is appropriate for your children? Parental control software can block access to pages that refer to pornography, drug usage, violence, gambling and racism.

Be safe and enjoy - Cyberspace has its dark side. But F-Secure makes protecting your family online simple and inexpensive. No need to become an antivirus expert or to worry about complicated software and updates. We take care of it all."
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