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Michele Watches - Women's watches
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Michele Watches - Women's watches

Womens Watches, Diamond & Gold Timepieces. Official MICHELE® Site. Discover women's watch collections from MICHELE®, featuring diamond and gold watches. FREE shipping, no minimum order.
Featured products
  • $ 495.00 »MICHELE Women's Sporty Sport Sail Rose Silicone Watch - Pink
  • $ 100.00 »MICHELE Women's 18Mm Blush Embossed Crocodile Leather Strap - Pink
  • $ 2,295.00 »MICHELE Women's Deco Mid Noir Diamond Watch - Black
  • $ 150.00 »MICHELE Women's 16Mm Pearlized Silicone Interchangeable Strap Gift Set - Green / Ivory / Lavender / Pink / Red
  • $ 1,800.00 »MICHELE Women's 18Mm Caber Isle Seven-Link Stainless Steel Bracelet With Diamonds - Silver
  • See all »..and many more at www.Michele.com
Michele Watches - Women's watches

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